Our School

Welcome to Lakin Prep! We are the newest academy in the Littleton Elementary School District. We serve families with kindergarten through second-grade children in the Alamar community of Avondale, Arizona.

Our Lion pride is brimming with everything we have planned for this great community. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Dual Spanish/English Language Immersion Program
  • Will be applying to be an International Baccalaureate School
  • Future Grade Expansion

Our Mission

The mission of the Littleton Elementary School District is to create high quality, comprehensive, and success-oriented learning and leading opportunities for everyone in our schools.

Dual Language Immersion Program

We’re thrilled about our dual language immersion program. Data shows that both native and non-native English speakers benefit from learning academic content in two languages.


Aside from the obvious benefit that children become bilingual, there are several other benefits. Dual language immersion students also become biliterate. The sooner children begin learning a second language, the more successfully they will speak, read, and write in both languages.

Biliteracy is great for a person’s brain! Studies show that when children are exposed to two languages at an early age, on average, they outperform students who have only learned one language on tests of cognitive function later in their adolescent and early adult years. They tend to have better attention control and memory skills.

Native Language Proficiency

In addition to closing the achievement gap in the classroom, where non-native speakers who do not have the dual language immersion option tend to fall behind, dual language immersion programs help English learners develop their skills in their native language more quickly than other students their age who did not have the opportunity to participate in a dual language immersion program.

Cultural Awareness

Though there are others, we’ll mention one more benefit that we believe may be one of the most critical Lakin Prep Academy students and families will gain: we all become more aware, kinder, more tolerant, and more accepting of our friends from different cultural backgrounds.

In a divisive world, participating in the dual language immersion program is one way to join together and reap the benefits. It’s a win-win.